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9 memory products that shift car apps into high gear

The smarter, connected cars will be evermore hungry for memory to support a wide range of applications, including those that require near-instant boot up. So here's a checklist of recent memory product introductions suitable for automotive use.

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Apple finds bright spot in India amidst iPhone sales slump

Amidst the sales slump in China and the more developed markets, Apple CEO Tim Cook found a bright spot in India, where iPhone sales grew by more than 56 per cent.

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AMD closes $293 million deal for x86 architecture

The $293 million deal with the Chinese firm gives AMD a needed infusion of cash and a partner in China, the world's second largest and fastest growing server market.

Vital Signs

Vital Signs

3D NAND, advanced logic drive fab tool order surge

SEMI reported billings for North American fab tool vendors of $1.38 billion in March, an increase of 9.4% compared to February and a decrease of about 1% compared with March 2015


Tech Watch

Tech Watch

Thermoelectric device enhances energy conversion by 10x

NEC, NEC TOKIN and Tohoku University develops a Spin Seebeck thermoelectric device with conversion efficiency more than 10 times higher than existing methods.

Tech Papers

Tech Papers

Tackling IoT and Industry 4.0 sensor backplane needs

Read about the configurable analogue architecture that supports the bimodality requirements of the sensor backplane for both IoT and Industry 4.0 applications.



What would you change about C?

18/04/2016 by Jack Ganssle

If you’re an old-timer you’ve most likely written code in a large number of languages that have many different underlying philosophies.

In progress: Home-made Nixie tube clock

18/04/2016 by Clive Maxfield

Just to make sure we're all tap dancing to the same drum beat, let's remind ourselves that, sometime ago...

The Tale of Exploding Capacitors: A true story

15/04/2016 by eeInvestigations

A few weeks ago, Max the Magnificent considered what was described as The Great Capacitor Plague of the Early 21st Century...

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Coding Safe and Secure Applications, part 1: processes

The debate about safety and security concerns in high integrity software applications is a hot topic of discussion in modern software management. The need to address these concerns is present in every application…

Build Small, Lighter Power Systems by Eliminating Bulk Capacitance

For many equipment, the size and weight of electronic systems is a critical requirement.This is particularly obvious in applications such as aerospace, where additional size and weight in a drone…

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